Line Contractors Association of BC

Members’ Code of Conduct

All LCA members shall abide by the following principles.

Business Ethics:  Members must deal fairly with customers, suppliers and competitors. Members may not take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other type of unfair dealing.

Safety:  Members recognize the central role of safety in the power line industry. Members will meet, or exceed, all industry safety standards and requirements. In the event that a member is involved in a serious safety incident, that member will, at the sole discretion of the LCA, permit the LCA to conduct a reasonable investigation of the incident.  The LCA investigation will be subject to reasonable non-disclosure conditions and will, as appropriate, respect the privacy of those involved in the safety incident.

Confidentiality:  Where appropriate, members will treat with the strictest confidence the prices, sub-bids, and other information furnished by contractors and subcontractors or suppliers.

Accrediting Standards:  Members will ensure that their employees are appropriately trained and accredited for the work they are asked to perform.

Legal Compliance:  Members will ensure that their businesses are in observance of all applicable laws and reporting requirements.

Inclusiveness:  The line contractors sector of industry is comprised of a broad range of participants of various sizes and organizational structures, with varying needs and points of view. Members will strive to be as inclusive as possible while maintaining a commitment to the Association’s vision, mission and objectives.