Line Contractors Association of BC

Regional Lising of LCA Contractors


BC Map

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Lower Mainland

The region from Vancouver to Hope including the Sunshine Coast and bound by the US border to the south and lattitude 52 to the north.

  1. Allteck Line Contractors
  2. A-Power Contracting
  3. Arctic Power Systems
  4. Midway Power Line Services
  5. Rokstad Power Corp.
  6. RS Line Construction
  7. Trans Power Construction (1999) Ltd.
Northern Region
The mainland portion of BC north of lattitude 52, including the islands north of Vancouver Island.
  1. Arctic Power Systems BC
  2. ESC Electrical Services Contracting
  3. RR Interior Power & Electric
  4. Rush Electric
Southern Region
The region east of the Hope to the Alberta border and south of lattitude 52.
  1. Advanced Powerlines
  2. Aerial Contractors
  3. Arrow Installations
  4. Highland Powerlines
  5. Plowe Power Systems
Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands
  1. JACO Powerlines